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Donna Collins is a Registered Professional Member of the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists and a Kinesiology Professional Practitioner with the Australian Kinesiology Association.

She has studied under the Professional Kinesiology Practitioner Programme (PKP) designed by Dr Bruce Dewe, MD, from Auckland, New Zealand and is also qualified in both Neural Organisation Technique and Hyperton-X.

Sessions aim to safely treat the mind and body in a holistic manner in order to cater for a whole-body improvement in behaviour and education, health and wellbeing. I have seen improvements in focus and attention, comprehension of concepts and ideas, clumsiness and motor function mobility.

The applications of Kinesiology are far-reaching. Because it works in conjunction with the body and its energy pathways, it can be beneficial for many issues not addressed here. Each body is different and so each individual can respond to various techniques. This is why we recommend giving Kinesiology a try, as the benefits of these treatments can be life changing!

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Donna specialises in bringing balance to each individual's body by addressing issues such as:

  • Emotional Health & Stability
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Problems with Immunity
  • Physical Health - for most aches and pains
  • Mobility
  • Food Sensitivities & Nutritional Concerns
  • Learning Difficulties

These issues are addressed by testing the muscles of the body in order to identify the most appropriate method of correction and restore balance once again.


Emotional Health

We are often faced with a number of stressors on a daily basis. Kinesiology can assist the mind and body to cope with pressures from work, relationship issues, family problems and generally dealing with life. The balance that kinesiology offers helps with your overall emotional health and mental stability.

Physical Health

Many of us suffer from aches and pains at various stages in life. Kinesiology aids in localising the area of pain and uses a variety of techniques to help alleviate pressure and even restore the body to its former pain-free functionality. Kinesiology can also assist with other physical health barriers such as limited mobility, stiffness in movement and muscle tension by opening the pathways to a more fluid range of motion. This is especially popular in improving athletic performance in sports and exercise at both a basic and competitive level.

Food Sensitivities
& Nutritional Concerns

Through the delicate techniques of muscle testing, your kinesiologist can identify what is best suited for your body’s nutritional requirements and daily intake. This method can also detect a person’s sensitivity to foods and/or other allergens. With this information you can be on the path to a well balanced and naturally guided lifestyle that thrives on health and wellbeing.

Learning Difficulties
& Behavioural Problems

Many children struggle with hyperactivity finding it difficult to focus or comprehend and implement instructions. Imagine having a treatment that can assist your child in finding what their body needs to maintain a healthy balance and equilibrium. As a qualified Kinesiologist I have determined an effective balance of kinesiology remedies to help guide your child over these hurdles.

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  • Trishy J
    I have been seeing Donna for the last couple of years for varying issues and will happily continue to. She is incredibly kind, wise and professional. I encourage anyone to see her as she has helped me tremendously. Highly rate, 5 stars from me!
    Trishy J
  • Marlene
    Kinesiology has helped me with arthritic pain in my hands and thumbs and sciatic pain in my hips and legs.
  • Brian
    Kinesiology treatment has assisted me with recovery from lower back pain. I had relief within a couple of days, which got me right back into cycling.
  • Melita
    In the late stages of my pregnancy, I was extremely anxious and emotionally unsettled thinking about the upcoming birth. My anxiety was escalated when my baby was still in the breech position only a couple of weeks before my due date. I was advised that the later I progressed into my pregnancy, the harder it would be for the baby to turn by itself. There was a possibility that I would have to opt for a Caesarean delivery if the baby did not turn into the correct position.    After a couple of Kinesiology sessions I definitely felt more confident within myself. I felt more focused and ready for the birth of my baby. I believe the Kinesiology sessions assisted in turning the baby into the correct birthing position and assisted me with being more relaxed about the upcoming birth. I gave birth naturally to a healthy baby girl.
  • Lyn
    Kinesiology sessions gave me so much pain relief prior to my hip replacement operation.
  • Janine
    Donna, I just wanted to thank you very much for the Kinesiology session yesterday where we dealt with the blocks to my life goals. I have had a huge shift and today I feel so excited about life again. I cannot thank you enough. I feel so free and happy, like I could fly if I wanted to!

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